EPPO Database on Resistance Cases

The EPPO Database on Resistance Cases aims to share information on documented resistance cases among the authorities responsible for registration of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) across the EPPO region and between authorities and other stakeholders such as the agrochemical companies which apply for registration of PPPs, researchers, scientists, extension officers and users of PPPs. This database was developed initially as a tool for the EPPO Expert Working Group on Resistance and has evolved into a platform to assist EPPO member countries and applicants involved in PPP authorization process in:

  • Reaching a common understanding of development of resistance across the EPPO region;
  • Facilitating the early identification of resistance trends;
  • Developing resistance management strategies that take into account both the national and regional resistance contexts;
  • Addressing resistance issues in the authorization process and facilitating the implementation of EPPO Standard PP 1/213 Resistance risk analysis.

The added value of the database, when compared to other available databases, is the inclusion of information about early detection of resistance cases, as well as resistance cases that occur locally, that are based on data even if this data is limited.

The database is not intended to compete with or replace the public information from the Resistance Action Committees (RACs) nor it will replace the responsibility of the companies when reporting cases of resistance to the national authorities.

All EPPO members countries are invited to provide an official contact point and provide information about resistance cases in their respective countries through this contact point. Updates and new information on the resistance cases presented in the database are also welcomed. The new cases and information will be made available in the database after validation by the EPPO Expert Working Group on Resistance to Plant Protection Products. Resistance cases from before the year 2000 will be proposed for validation as historical cases.

To access the EPPO Database on Resistance Cases please click here.

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