The EPPO Database on Resistance Cases is available online since September 2021. All EPPO member countries have been invited to provide an official contact point and provide information about PPP resistance cases in their respective countries through this contact point.

A total of 26 EPPO countries have nominated a contact point and 17 countries entered resistance cases in the database. As of 2024-02-13, a total of 905 cases have been entered and only the resistance cases that have been validated by the EPPO Expert Working Group (EWG) on Resistance to PPP are published in the database and are visible to the public. Since the last EWG meeting in Athens, in September 2023, 255 new cases have been published.

Since the creation of the database a total of 811 cases have been validated. This includes 421 fungicides cases (52%), 196 herbicide cases (24%), 155 insecticide cases (19%) and 39 acaricide cases (5%) have been published. The highest percentage (32%) of cases validated since the creation of the database come from France, thanks to the work done at national level by the R4P Network.


We thank all those experts in the EWG, those who have contributed to the database so far, and look forward to receiving more information from contact points. We encourage those countries who have not yet nominated a contact point to do so.